Friday, 17 May 2019

Science in a Van

In week two on Friday science in a van came to Good Shepherd School to teach us about balance and the periodic table. They balanced things with their fingers, they were balancing a mop and a broom.   Miss Evans balanced a small shovel.  They also did some other experiments here are some pictures

Friday, 10 May 2019

RE Triangles

For RE room 6 made 3D triangles about Baptism and the Holy Spirit here are some pictures.


in room 6 we have been doing science projects on the water cycle. we have been looking at five different experiments including water vapor gas and condensation here are some pictures

Friday, 3 May 2019

Water cycle

This term room six are learning about water cycle and how it works. We have been researching,
watching videos and writing about the water cycle. Here is my research about it.

Friday, 22 March 2019

St Joseph's Day Tabloid Sports

Tuesday 19th March was St Joseph’s Day Feast Day. The whole school attended mass to celebrate the leadership Saint Joseph showed. Saint Joseph is also special to our school because Saint MacKillop and the Sisters of St Joseph were inspired by Saint Joseph. Saint Joseph is also the foster father of Jesus. The following day, the whole school came together to celebrate with fun tabloid sports in our houses. We all got to play so many fun and exciting games. Thank you to our leaders who prepared this.

Friday, 15 March 2019

My Accident Story

Stamps can be Dangerous

February 2019

By Sanjay

I am learning to entertain my audience with a recount.

Have you ever thought stamps were dangerous? Well many of you are probably thinking stamps are harmless and merely a child’s toy. You get the stamp press down in ink, then you stamp the pretty picture down onto paper. But this is my accident and this stamp was not so So I was about, let's say eight years old when I had love of stamps and the horrifying accident happened.

On a very ordinary day, I was going to my guitar class. Jumping into our speedy car, I called the Batmobile, well it was fast for me, but we were going the speed limit of 50 km per hour. Sitting in the car rather bored I starting exploring the car with my eyes. I would do anything to entertain myself, we were almost at my guitar class. As soon as we got there something caught my eye as I was getting out of the Batmobile a cool stamp, or what I thought was a cool stamp. I pushed down on the stamp as I looked closer at the picture.

Taking a closer look it had a cool sign on the top of the stamp, it looked to me like it was a flamethrower. What do you think looks like a stamp and has a picture of a flame on it? Would you be thinking a Batman Flamethrower or would you think a car lighter. Well it was a car lighter. But I saw it differently I thought it was a stamp with a flamethrower icon on it so I grasped the stamp

Stamping it down on my leg I felt a hot burning fire on my leg, I was scared and freaked out trying to hide what I had done. I went into the guitar lesson which felt like hours later. I came home and I told my mum that I stabbed myself with a stamp. My mum told me it wasn't a stamp but it was a car lighter the next day we had to get it checked from the doctors. I had to get this this weird plaster from the doctors and every day we had to change the plaster, every day! It stung for weeks. But at last it healed and I have ended up with a big mark on my leg to this day. And I avoided stamps at all cost now. So funny

Friday, 8 March 2019

Swimming Sports

Swimming sports

Room 6 had a wonderful day at swimming sports. When we all went to the turf we split up into our houses. Thank you Sharyn and parents for helping us with the non competitive swimming and competitive. Also thank you parents for coming along and supporting your children. Good shepherd students thank the teachers very warmly, as every year as they set up and prepare this event for us. I’m sure that every student enjoyed the event. I saw everyone compete with my own eyes and they all did well. The people who lost don’t have to be sad because they should be grateful they got a swim in the warm weather also because there’s always time and effort to improve.